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Walk and Party

October 15, 2007

corey says…The weather was quite miserable this morning. The wind was fierce and the rain was coming down on a horizontal. I rang Tony to see if he wanted to go in to Nenagh and pick up the chair he bought at the secondhand furniture store. He of course jumped at the chance.

An hour after I called, I arrived at his place. The wind had died down, but the mist was still quite heavy. As we headed over the Silvermines Mountains, we could see blue skies ahead. The clear air was coming in from the west, and by the time we reached town, it had become a favorable day.

We picked up the chair the Irish way…by double parking in front of the store. We loaded it in the hatchback, and we were off to run our other errands. As we drove home, the sunlight was brilliant. The colors of the landscape were saturated with dark greens and reds, but in the distance, the mountains were clouded in sun-drenched haze. It was quite spectacular.

When we returned to Tony’s, a neighbor Pat came up to remind us to visit tonight at eight. He was then off to check on his cattle.

We didn’t want waste a minute of the sunshine, so we headed out for a walk. Two hours later we were back and the weather was even more splendid. Here it was mid-October, and we were sipping tea in Tony’s kitchen with the front door wide open and the sun shining in.

At eight, we headed over to Pat’s. A few other neighbors were there, and we were sipping whiskies. I enjoy going over to his place. It’s a wonderful, no-fuss kind of home, and he’s always sure to have plenty of tea, whiskey and sandwiches.

Pat’s niece and nephew also showed up with their parents and new puppy Rex, so Tony and I caught up on how school and Tai Kwan Do and tin whistle lessons were going.

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