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Grand Dinner at Glenculloo

October 14, 2007

corey says…right from the start today was beautiful…despite the fact that everyone had been telling us the weather would change for the worse on Sunday. I got out and did a few things outside, but I spent a good bit of time working on the computer. Not the best way to spend such a beautiful day, but the work must get done.

In the afternoon. I went over to Tony’s in Glenculloo to help him prepare for dinner. He was having six other people over tonight for lamb. He had just about everything ready when I arrived, so I just pulled out the vacuum and “hoovered.”

Tony has learned a few secrets about the Irish…he wanted everyone to arrive at about six-thirty, so he was sure to tell them to arrive at six. On cue, the car pulled in at 6:30. Our friends Eddie, Julie, Rory and Sheelagh all rode together. A few minutes later, Tony’s neighbors Jimmy and Kathleen arrived.

Julie brought the starter, so she plated her cheese and crackers and Tony was sure everyone had something to drink before the tour of the cottage began. Each person had been at the cottage at one point or another in the past, but for some of them it had been well over a year.

Everyone ooohed and aaaahed at the curtains, the throw, the various furniture. The place really does look great.

Kathleen and Jimmy brought Tony a decorative milk jug they found at the garden centre they were at earlier in the day. Rather than give it to him, it was placed on the top of the press.

Later, Sheelagh was complimenting the various bits of the cottage. She then pointed to the milk jug and asked Tony about it. He was all smiles when he saw it…of course he had no idea where it came from, but he knew this group and knew they couldn’t just hand him a gift.

After some great visiting, dinner was served. Salad and lamb and beef roast and cheesy potatoes. It all turned out perfectly, and Tony could officially say his cooker was christened.

Sheelagh made one of her apple-blackberry tarts for dessert which was of course delicious.

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