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Enchanting Guests

October 10, 2007

corey says…
My guests arrived yesterday. I tried to attend to some of the details that Liam takes care of when people stay with him…flowers in the room, chocolates and water on the table and of course fresh linens (thank goodness Tony has a washer and dryer he let me use). That combined with just regular cleaning made me realize just how much work Liam does all summer (and I wasn’t even doing real B&B with this group).

Speaking of the group, I met Chris and his partner Bob a while back, and they were traveling with Bob’s sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, Charles. Now, for those who don’t know, Chris is a travel agent and the mastermind behind When I heard he was going to be in Ireland the same time I was, I invited him to come down…and low and behold, he and the rest of the crew did.

They arrived stuffed from the lunch they had down in Cork, so we just hung out and sipped some wine. Once we finished off the second bottle, we headed into Nenagh for dinner at the Peppermill (Chris was driving, so he only had enough wine for a taste).

We took the scenic route over the Step Viewing area. On the way over, the light was absolutely spectacular. Glown Valley, where Tony has his cottage, was just glowing. I couldn’t have asked for the scenery to make a better impression on my guests.

Dinner was fantastic as usual. I have to say, the meals are consistently delicious at the Peppermill, and their swanky new digs seem more like Dublin than Nenagh.

Good Morning
We woke up to a low fog over the hills. Again, mother nature was putting on a show with the atmospheric haze floating over the dips in the landscape. Charles, a painter, was up at the crack of down taking in the panorama. He was a bit of a sponge when it came to beautiful scenes…he’d just stop and soak it all in.

When everyone was up, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading out. I took them to all the local sites. In fact, we were never more than 10 miles from Knockahopple…of course on Irish roads, that meant we were never more than 25 minutes from home.

We started with Cureeny Church, an old country church; then the old hedge school which is the first in the country to be preserved and dedicated; then the Kilcommon Prayer Garden; then the funeral home/pub near Rear Cross; then the ruin of Castle Ottway.

After all that site seeing, we were all ready for a bite to eat. We went into Nenagh, had a meal at the Hi B (Hibernian Inn), took a walk near the castle and churches and stopped at Hanley Woolen Mills for a few scarves and baby booties.

We had plans to visit Tony tonight, so everyone took a little nap before heading over there. Once rested and recharged, it was down to Glown for a little craic.

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  1. October 13, 2007 10:35 PM

    Hi, Corey,
    Just to let you know I have enjoyed reading all the postings on your current time in Tipperary. It sounds like you are having a great time with lots of wonderful people (and good food, too).
    We are counting the hours now till we leave for Ireland on Sunday night. We have to go to Dublin first for a few days of business and then we’ll be heading down toward Shannon over the weekend to meet our “West of Ireland Coastal Tours” group – our 25th tour! So sorry we will just be getting to the Shannon area as you fly home. Enjoy the coming week!

    All the best,


  2. October 14, 2007 10:35 PM

    Pat – glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’ll be sure to follow yours when you are off and running. Good luck with the tour. Having seen all the smiling faces on your last tour, I know it’ll be a great trip…and congrats on your 25th tour.

    For everyone reading…be sure to check out Pat’s blog from her website!

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