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The Freshest Tart

October 8, 2007

corey says…Before heading to the grocery store, I stopped at the Pantry for breakfast. As suspected, Sheelagh and Rory were there and we enjoyed tea and scones. Sheelagh invited me to stop by their house this afternoon so she can show me her blackberry-apple tart recipe. I of course couldn’t resist.

After breakfast, I zipped around town picking up groceries and buying a new coffee maker. The big news in Ireland is that the price of standard groceries has gone up 7-20% this weekend. I’m not sure why the price hikes took place over one weekend, but the newspaper had a litany of reasons why food costs were on the rise. I did notice a price change in several items since last week.

I came home, put away my groceries and then headed down to Sheelagh’s. When she says homemade, she means homemade. We went into the field behind her house to pick the blackberries and collected the apples from her orchard.

As we picked the berries, she asked, “Have you ever tried one of these berries.” She was holding a little purple berry that looked like a miniature grape.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, they’re gorgeous.”

I popped it in my mouth. An overpowering bitter flavor took over followed by the sensation that all the moisture in my mouth had been sucked out leaving me with a rough, gravel feeling on my tongue and inner cheeks. Yuck!

Sheelagh giggled and her shoulders were shaking as she tried to hold back a full blast of laughter. “That’s a sloe. I can’t believe you ate the whole thing.”

“You’ve been spending too much time with Theresa.” I told her as I tried to capture enough saliva in my dry mouth to spit the berry remnants.

It wasn’t long after the sloe incident that we had enough berries for tart. In the house we went to mix and roll the crust, peel and slice the apples and, in no time have a tart ready for the oven. Since she also had bushels of pears in her yard, I made her two of my rustic pear tarts, which turned out great with Sheelagh’s recipe for the perfect pastry crust.

While the tarts baked, Sheelagh and I enjoyed a cup of tea and just as we finished, the pastries were ready to come out of the oven. Sheelagh had to pick her son up from school, so I headed back up the mountain with the beautiful tart.

Shelf Installation

Originally uploaded by IrishFireside

Handyman Extraordinaire
I spent the evening wiping down the floors, and although it was getting a little late, I decided I needed to get one more chore done before going to bed. So, I unwrapped the corner shelf Liam had left against the wall upstairs and began putting it up next to the bed in the double room.

There had been a shelf up before, but when the pine paneling was put up, the shelf was never replaced. Since the room isn’t very big, every bit of storage is valuable.

The shelf went up with ease, and I was off to bed.

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  1. October 16, 2007 10:37 PM

    Thanks Corey,

    I was wondering how long it would take for you to put up that shelf. Good Job!


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