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Glenstal Abbey & Mary’s

October 7, 2007

corey says…Tony and I decided to attend mass at Glenstal Abbey this morning. We were a little behind schedule, but didn’t rush on the winding Irish roads. Mass was just starting when we pulled in and the parking lot behind the church was full. We managed to reverse our way out and slip into the main parking lot.

When we entered the church, it was the fullest I had ever seen it. Glenstal’s private boarding school was in session, so it was full of teen boys and families and various others. Tony and I found a seat on a bench on the outside aisle. There wasn’t even room in the pews today.

The abbot gave the homily…his sermons are always quite interesting. This is the monk who took us on a tour of the icons this summer.

After mass we headed for Liam’s cousin Mary’s to visit with her and her son Tim. Again we had a great chat and she fed us a full lunch with dessert, two whiskeys, crisps (chips) and another full tea (with desserts). As usual, we walked out of her house completely stuffed.

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  1. Susan permalink
    November 10, 2007 10:38 PM

    omg! i’ve walked around glen stal so many times!!!
    i didn’t think anyone knew where it was 😉
    did you see the old mass rock?

  2. November 10, 2007 10:38 PM

    There are a few folks that know about it 😉

    Pat Preston from goes there regularly as well.

    It’s off the beaten path, so I’m not too worried about it getting touristy.

    Listen to our Glenstal Podcast at

    It might take a bit to download, but it’s very interesting.

    I’ve seen the mass rock…have you seen the icons?

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