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Cottage Cleanup

October 6, 2007

corey says…Today was a work day. The guests at Knockahopple were gone, and I was off to get settled in. Usually, our neighbor Sadie takes care of the linens and cleaning, but since I was around, the duties fell to me.

The place was in pretty good order. However, the faucet upstairs was mysteriously on (the guests didn’t go upstairs). Maybe we’ve got a ghost? 😉

After a few hours of cleaning, I couldn’t resist the beautiful weather outside and decided to paint the shed in back. The sight of it had been bothering me all summer, but with all the rain we had on my last visit, there was no chance to get a coat of stain on it. When I was finished, I must say, it looked quite good.

In the evening, I went to Tony’s for some pizza and we watched some TV shows we downloaded from iTunes.

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  1. October 16, 2007 10:39 PM

    Hm…….It looks like two sides of the shed were not stained. That can’t be, can it Corey. You woud finsih the job before you came back Stateside……right…..Hm……


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