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Party at Kinnity

October 5, 2007

corey says…By day, I was running errands and doing laundry, but by evening…it was all about being social.

Just before we were leaving for the surprise birthday party, Tony and I received a call from Sheelagh. Her friend Mary needed a ride to Kinnity. We to pick her up outside of the music store in Nenagh.

I was at the wheel and managed to find half a parking spot in front of the store. I wedged my way in…which by Irish parking standards was more than adequate. Mary arrived a few moments later, and we were off to Kinitty.

There aren’t many main roads between Nenagh and Kinitty, so I was winding my way on curvy, hilly roads that were just wide enough for two cars. The sun was going down, and that made things only slightly more difficult. Fortunately, there were reflectors on the road, so it was much easier to see upcoming turns.

Mary and Tony are both doctors, so they compared the Irish and American medical system. The big topic became the public and private healthcare systems in Ireland…with Ireland’s prosperity, a lot of citizens are supplementing their public healthcare with private service at private hospitals and clinics.

When we arrived at Kinnity, the place was quite full of cars. Obviously it was a popular place tonight. As we looked for a parking spot, some fool blocked the route out and I had reverse my way out of the parking lot to another area. Not fun. Fortunately, I had two good navigators in the car to help make sure I didn’t take out any bumpers…especially since there were some Range Rovers and Mercedes vehicles in the lot.

The steps leading up to the lobby were lined with candles and rose petals…there was a wedding on tonight. We then wandered down to the basement bar and restaurant. It was like a maze down there in the vaulted caverns of the castle. A very cool space.

When it was time for Kathleen, the guest of honor, to arrive, we all made our way from the bar to one of the seating areas. When she walked in, Kathleen was completely taken off guard. First she recognized Sheelagh’s husband, then a fellow from work, then a girl she was in a show with, then Tony, then a fellow fiddler, then me. Until we all started singing Happy Birthday, she had no idea why this unusual group of people had gathered together.

Dinner was buffet-style and quite tasty. Just after dessert was served, Theresa and Tony were up to there antics. They went out to the bar and bribed a lad to walk in and act as if we hired a stripper for Kathleen. Now, anyone who knows Kathleen, knows that the last thing she would want on her birthday was a stripper.

The guy was a great sport, he walked in, asked “Is Kathleen here?” and began unbuttoning his top shirt button. Kathleen looked like a deer caught in the headlights and her mortified expression was frozen on her face as her eyes were looking for the nearest escape route. Fortunately, the fella stopped before she bolted for the door. Later when Tony and Theresa delivered the pint they promised, he said it was the easiest pint he’d ever gotten.

Later, the Friday night session was on in the bar at Kinnity, so everyone piled in and enjoyed some great music. It was a great bit of fun for everyone. It took nearly and hour and half to get home, but it was worth every minute.

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  1. October 16, 2007 10:39 PM

    Happy Birthday Kathleen……I so wish I could have been there…….I feel like I’m missing out on so much…….I AM MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!!!

    I wish you all the best on your 35 B Day…..right?


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