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I’m Back In Ireland!

October 2, 2007

corey says…I landed in Ireland to a blanket of fog yesterday morning. Once that lifted at about noon, it was a decent day…no sun, but no rain either.

On the way to Tony’s cottage near Nenagh/Silvermines, County Tipperary (there are guests staying at Knockahopple right now), I stopped for groceries.

Then it was off to Liam’s cousins to say hello. As usual, they served tea, which included a big ham sandwich with coleslaw and a bit of dessert. I’ll never go hungry in this country. The neighbor kids James and Katie were there after school. When they saw the strange car in the yard they figured one of the Americans were over.

Katie walked in and said, “Cor-ray, I knew it was you!” However, I’m not sure she REALLY knew it was me.

Everyone had their dinner. I was invited to join them…even though my dishes from the tea. I told you I’d never go hungry. Instead I had some water and enjoyed the dinner conversation.

After dinner, both James and Katie played some new tunes on their tin whistle…they’ve improved in the last month and a half. They also caught me up on school and all their favorite TV shows. Katie and I identified where each show was filmed…one was Australia and the other was in the US.

Guests at Knockahopple
On the way back to Tony’s, I checked in on the guests at Knockahopple. As I walked up to the cottage, I could smell their peat fire burning. They seemed to be having a wonderful time. The cottage was warm and cozy and they invited me in for a chat. They had checked out several great sites in the area and were feeling very at home.

I then took their photos at the half-door with Milton the stuffed chicken…which is a Knockahopple tradition.

Back at Tony’s
On the way back to Tony’s, I stopped at the petrol station and enjoyed an Almond Magnum ice cream bar…delicious. Then it was back to Tony’s cottage where I played a few tunes on the tin whistle. As I was playing, the neighbors, Jimmy and Kathleen stopped by to make sure everything was in order.

We had a great chat and caught up on all the happenings of the last month and a half. Then they were off, and I had some freelance work to get done before bedtime.

Woke Up to Rain
As could be expected, I woke up to some heavy rain this morning. The forecasters claim it’ll be nice tomorrow, but they also kept saying that this summer.

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