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Lot’s of Emails

September 14, 2007

corey says…Wow! The website and podcast have been really hoppin’ over the last three weeks. It must be a popular time for planning a trip to Ireland. Keep the emails coming, and as you might have noticed, we lost all our comments from the blog. I was pretty disappointed about losing the comments, but now I’m just looking forward to new ones.

We’ve also been getting a lot emails from people asking us to sponsor them or advertise on their site. Sorry gang; this is not a revenue-making site for us…it’s just a hobby. That means there is no money for advertising…in fact, there’s not even money to even pay expenses, so we rely on our listeners and visitors to help spread the word and contribute what they can.

Improving Your Experience
I thought I’d also mention a few things to consider for those looking to enhance their Irish Fireside experience…

Subscribe using iTunes – Yep, if you use iTunes for other things, you should also use it to subscribe to our podcast. It’ll automatically download any new episodes without you having to “check in.”

Subscribe to our e-Newsletter – Every month or so, we send out a new e-newsletter with all sorts of things that would be of interest to Ireland enthusiasts. The link above also takes you to our e-Newsletter archive.

Listen to our latest podcast episode – our most recent episode.

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