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Farewell Hoolie

August 10, 2007

corey says…Today was a mix of packing, getting the cottage ready and visiting.

Liza joined Liam, Tony and me on a visit to Liam’s cousin Mary’s. She and her son Tim we gracious hosts, and although I was still stuffed from last night, I managed to pack in even more food.

We managed to break for a few hours until Liam, Tony and I were down at Liam’s cousin’s cottage for a farewell hoolie. All kinds of neighbors were there and there were more desserts on the table than we could possibly eat. Liam’s cousin made her egg sandwiches as well, which were a welcome change from the pounds of ham we had been consuming for the last two months.

Liam’s cousin even extended “closing time” from 10:30p to 12:30a that evening. Neighbors James and Katie invited me to join them in a few tunes on the tin whistle…since they’re school-aged, their songs were just right for my skill level. Then there was more singing and dancing and food.

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