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Music Day

August 6, 2007

corey says…I slept in this morning and then headed to Roscrea for computer and music lessons with Theresa. I was early, so I stopped in to the Castle and Damer House. The castle in Roscrea is really a nice one…lots of nooks and crannies.

Then it was off to Theresa’s. I gave Theresa her lesson in Photoshop…Watch out world, she’ll now be putting your heads on different bodies and placing her friends on the moon and whatnot.

She then drilled me on the song Blackthorn Stick. She was hell-bent on getting me to play it perfectly. I thought I was doing pretty well, but after my lesson, I saw a significant improvement. I guess Theresa must be doing her job.

I then went home for a while before we went to Cloughjordan for a session at Grace’s. Tony and Liza joined Liam and I for a very homey session. Lot’s of musicians, few spectators and a very welcoming environment. Theresa talked me into playing Sally Gardens and Kathleen had me on the bongos. It was great fun.

We didn’t leave until after 1am…and in the usual bar-time spirit, we decided to stop at the 24-hour Tesco for groceries and pre-made sandwiches.

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