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Work & Visit

August 5, 2007

corey says…Saturday ended up being a major work day. I popped into Nenagh and then worked from the cottage right into the evening…so not much to report there…except that the rain returned late in the day.

Today was visiting day…which was just as well since it was really raining. We started with mass at Glenstal, then it was over to Tony’s. We picked him up and went to one of the neighbor’s. This neighbor is notorious for huge portions, so as expected we each got a water glass filled with whiskey…then came the tea which included nearly three loaves of bread piled on a plate, ten slices of ham on each of our plates and a pile of desserts and biscuits to feed an army.

There were two big matches on today and we ended up watching them with the neighbors. Between them we had a mini session with fiddle, voice and tin whistle. After the match it was time for more tea…no meat this time, but more desserts were put out.

As we drove home stuffed, we noted that another neighbor’s door was open…so we decided to call in. This time there was a large glass of Bailey’s waiting for us.

The day had almost become comedic with all the food, drink and visiting, so we decided to call in on Liam’s cousin. Fortunately, we were able to insist on NO FOOD. Knowing where we had been, she knew we were stuffed.

We took Tony home, and his neighbor stopped by for a short bit. The weather had cleared a bit, and we hung out until after 10pm and went home. Now, that was a full day.

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