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A Session in Glown

August 1, 2007

corey says…The sun was on a bit of a hiatus today. It was cloudy and foggy and completely different from the last few days. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad, and we still had recent memories of sunshine. So much for the weather forecasters saying it was going to be nice ALL WEEK!

After sleeping in a bit today, Tony, Liam and I went to Nenagh to get a few items for the guests we’d be having in the upcoming days. We had a quick lunch, shopped at the Tesco and had a 99 (ice cream) on the way back up the mountain.

In the evening, Theresa and Kathleen stopped at Tony’s for dinner. It was great fun as we exchanged stories and had the Irish practice their American accents and vice versa. Kathleen has a bit of a southern drawl and that’s all Theresa has to do is learn how to say “you’s guys” and she’ll sound like she’s from Wisconsin/Michigan.

After dinner, we had a bit of a session with Theresa on the accordian, Kathleen and Tony on fiddles, Liam on the tin whistle and me on bongos…oh yes, I’m mad with the bongos 😉

I did play along with my three tunes on the tin whistle. Then Theresa and I tried playing our tin whistles octopus style. That where I have three fingers on my tin whistle and three fingers on her’s and she has the same. We then play. It was pretty cool to be blowing into my whistle, finger the melody and be hearing the harmony come out of my whistle (thanks to Theresa’s fingers playing the harmony.

It was great fun. Some how we have to find a way to practice that. It would be great fun to observe.

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