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Loop Head

July 30, 2007

corey says…Tony and I both woke up to more bright sunshine, and there was no way we weren’t going to take advantage of it. We got ourselves ready, hopped in the car and headed right for the coast.

We decided to take in Loop Head, the part of County Clare south of the Cliffs of Moher. It was an excellent decision. The sun was brilliant, the sky was crystal clear and the air was very comfortable. We took the scenic drive from Kilkee to Loop Head.

There were orange and purple flowers in full bloom in all the ditches along the way. I think the return of the sun convinced all the flower to bloom today! We stopped at several scenic turn offs along the way, but our favorite was the Bridges of Ross. There’s a nice-sized carpark and an easy walk to sea. The look of the place varies between low and high tide…we were there at low tide on a very calm day, so it was more peaceful. When I’ve been there at high tide, there were huge waves crashing over the rocks.

The focal point of the walk is the natural land bridge. It’s large and visitors can walk over it. Tony and I continued well beyond the land bridge and enjoyed the beautiful weather and fantastic views. It really couldn’t get any better!

We then headed down the peninsula a bit further and stopped at the Church in Kilbaha on the way up. This is the home of the Little Ark. During penal times, the local landowner would not provide a site for a Church and would not allow mass to be said on his land, so the parish priest decided to build a mobile altar that he’d wheel to the shore at low tide. No one owned the land between high and low tide.

The altar became known as the Little Ark. It is on display in the Church in Kilbaha in a side altar.

Taking the Ferry
We continued onward through the beautiful village of Kilrush and onward to Killimer where we took the ferry across the Shannon estuary to Tarbert, Co. Kerry. The ride across was absolutely peaceful…the sun, the blue waters. It was wonderful.

We then enjoyed the scenic drive east toward Limerick. We stopped at the friary in Askeaton. The cloister there is absolutely brilliant. We didn’t have time to get one of local Anthony Sheehy’s tours of the castle, but we enjoyed our short visit.

Then it was time to get home. We were expecting a call from some podcast listeners who were staying at MacNamara’s Self-Catering cottages very near us. They called us shortly after we got home, and confessed that they were learning the very slow nature of traveling the Irish roads. It was 7:30, and they were just leaving Lismore and still hadn’t had dinner.

We told them to take their time and we’d catch up with them some time in the next few days…we knew they wouldn’t make it back to MacNamara’s before 11pm.

I went for a run, and Tony and I had a quiet evening.

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