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The Carnival

July 27, 2007

corey says…Today Liza was hosting a big Kid’s Fun Day to help raise money for Eddie’s house-building trip to Africa.

We were to be there at 6, but as we were about to pull out of Tony’s drive, the neighbor was moving his cattle to another field. We slowly followed him and the cows for about a 45-minutes until they arrived at their new field. Then it would have been terribly rude not to stop and chat for a bit. We were running quite late, but at least everyone here understands “Irish time.”

When we arrived the community centre in Upperchurch was pretty much set up. Tony was in charge of tattoos, and I had the treasure chest…which consisted of marbles buried in a garbage can full of sand. There were all the usual carnival games…knock the cans, pop the balloons, bag toss, ring toss, go fishing, lucky ducky, face painting, a bake sale…

The kids were working toward bonus tickets which they could redeem for candy and prizes. Oh my, what a good time they were having. The games were going in full force from 7-9:30pm.

Then everyone remaining pitched in to clean up. The place cleaned up rather quickly with all the extra hands. Then we headed to Jim and Kay’s (of O’ the Mill). We all had a few drinks and visited for a bit.

Liza was extremely relieved the event went over well, AND several hundred euros were raised for Eddie’s trip.

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