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Cleaning & Painting

July 17, 2007

corey says…After all that visiting yesterday, it was very important that we get some work done today. So it was time to “tip up” the place. Cleaning took up a good part of the day, but it didn’t feel like a lost day, because most of the day was again marked by rain.

The guy on the tellie said we’ve gone for over 30 days straight with at least some rain. Areas around Dublin and Belfast have gotten 350% more rain than usual this summer. Most of the rest of the country has gotten about 250% more. And parts of Kerry and Clare are the lucky ones with only about 150% more rain. It’s considered the worst summer weather in 25 years.

But we’re keeping a positive attitude about it. Plus, all this rain doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been sun. In fact, most days there are a few hours of sunny, or at least rainless skies.

Later in the day, Tony and his guest Cort stopped by for some pear tart and tea. They had been to the Cliffs of Moher and were blessed with beautiful weather on the coast.

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