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Marching Day

July 12, 2007

Marching Day

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corey says…We were up and about town at a reasonable hour this morning. The clouds from last night were still overhead, but no drops right away. We caught a good portion of the parade very near city hall.

A majority of the parade consisted of marching units of men. Each in their own regalia…some looking a lot like the Knights of Columbus (but definitely a different group than that) and others looking like high school marching bands.

The most noticeable were the ones with a drum corps. At times the sound was deafening. Then it would quiet down and a score of flutes would whistle out a tune. Drums and flutes were everywhere…I never saw or heard so many flutes in my life.

Some of the units had little boys dressed in uniforms matching their father’s, others had men tossing batons in the air. There were groups marching from all over Northern Ireland as well as Scotland and Canada.

There was a lot of flute music…in fact, I really don’t need to hear a fleet of flutes for a while now…and a lot of orange, red, white and blue.

We decided to take a break from the parade (there was no end in site), and popped into the Welcome Centre…which was completely empty. There we signed on for the Belfast & Titanic Interactive tour. John Bustard, who we interviewed in podcast episode #13, told us about it last August.

Liam and I put on our headset, pushed the “continue tour” button, and before long, we were watching slides and video while listening to a guided tour of the city’s connection with the Titanic. The tour gets two thumbs up from us…we only wished the volume could be adjusted…on busier streets, it can be hard to hear.

Of course when we exited the Welcome Centre, it was pouring down rain. The machine is waterproof, as were our jackets, but the heavy rain did make the tour a little tougher. We kept going…as did the parade!

After the tour, we wandered around the city a bit more and chatted with more of the friendly Belfasters before catching the train back to the Republic.

View Our Photos from Belfast.

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