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July 12, 2007

corey says…The train ride was smooth and simple. The bathrooms on the train require a lot of button pushing though. You mush push a button to open the door, to close the door, to lock the door, to flush the toilet, to turn on the water, to dry your hands, to open the door and again to close the door. That’s a lot of buttons to push.

From Dundulk we picked up our car (free parking at the station…love that) and headed south stopping at Monasterboise along the way. It’s a great stop to see the high crosses and round tower.

Then we stopped in for the tour of the ruins at Mellifont Abbey. Another great OPW guide and fascinating tour.

Then we decided to spend the night in Drogheda. The town is becoming a suburb of Dublin and rejuvenation is in progress. The entire town centre is getting a facelift and there are a lot of nice restaurants and shops opening up.

We checked into a below average B&B. Things were made worse when we realized the ceiling in the bathroom was a only five foot high. It wasn’t too big of a deal until Liam hit his head once, twice, three, FOUR times (he’s a slow learner 😉

For dinner we headed back into town. We found a parking spot on the main street next to an adult gift shop. It made us chuckle, as you don’t see many of these shops in Ireland…picture more of a bachelorette party store than sleazy porn shop.

We had a great Indian meal. Then we took in some of the historic structures in the town…the gate, the churches and others. Liam’s favorite, of course was the reliquary in the church containing the head of Saint Oliver Plunket who was from the area. It really is something to see…a brown mummified head in a big glass and brass case.

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