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Our BBC Interview

July 11, 2007

Corey at the BBC

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corey says…We received a call from a producer at the BBC (British Broadcast Corporation) today asking us to appear on their Evening Extra program. Always up for an adventure, Liam and I jumped at the chance.

We arrived at the BBC’s Belfast headquarters (only three blocks from our hotel) and checked in with security. As we waited by the rows of televisions in the lobby, I realized I never asked if this was going to be a radio or television interview. I thought they said radio, but suddenly being in that big studio made me wonder.

An aide came down and took us to the green room. I had to pee, so as he showed me to bathroom I asked him if Evening Extra was radio or television. Whew, it was radio

My relief must have shown, because he asked, “Why? Would you have gone out and gotten yer hair done or something?”

It was funny and almost true. “Nah, but my confidence drops when there is a camera involved.”

He seemed to know what I meant. While I used the bathroom, he filled some cups at the water cooler. When he returned me to the green room, he left us the water and let us know it would be about 20 minutes. As we waited, we inspected various photos and awards that hung on the walls.

The producer stopped in and asked us a few questions, and shortly there after we were taken into the studio. I of course had to pee again. Why did I drink that water he brought us?

Inside the studio, we took our seats and the host Karen Patterson, somehow was juggling us, a computer, a microphone and the people talking in her ear all at the same time.

We were brought in to help answer the question, “Are Marching Days ready for tourism?” It was an interesting topic…especially because the audience was Belfast people and not necessarily tourists. The experience flew by and before we knew it, we were out of the studio and looking for some dinner

Our biggest disadvantage was that we still hadn’t experienced much of Belfast. We had taken the bus tour, the City Hall tour and zigzagged our way on foot around city centre, but aside from seeing several of the stacked pallets that would later become bonfires, we didn’t know what to expect.

View Our Photos from Belfast.

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