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Day of Rest

July 9, 2007

corey says…Had to take it easy today. Plus, the rainy weather has returned, so I worked on the computer, did laundry, practiced the tin whistle and had lunch at Liam’s cousins.

Tony and I managed to catch up on the events of the weekend…he had spent some time with his neighbors..including watching his neighbors’ Jimmy & Cathleen conservatory (sun room) go up and Jimmy’s hay being brought in.

In the evening, Tony and I joined CJ & Laurie at Liam’s and had a bit of farewell pizza and cake. The girls leave tomorrow for home, Liam and I head to Belfast, and Tony goes to Scotland for a few days. A lot of travel in the next few days.

I’m looking forward to Belfast. I’ve been to Northern Ireland several times, but never ended up in Belfast. We picked an unusual time to visit…right in the middle of Marching Days. In the past, these days were marred by a lot of hard feelings and often some violence.

Upon the urging of Heidi from Belfast In Your Pocket, we decided to come over and see what it was all about for ourselves.

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