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Crash & Pick Up

July 2, 2007

corey says…Back to Shannon today to pick up Liam’s guests. On the way in, we had a bit of bad luck. A car pulling a trailer came flying around the corner. Liam managed to stop our car, but the car was going too fast and had too much weight behind it with the trailer and SMASH. Our bumper was a mess. His front headlight was broken, and at that moment, we wished we had taken the Super Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) instead of the standard with a €900 deductible.

Normally, the guards should be called, but this was a guy who lived in the area, and he offered to pay for it. We opted to trust him and headed to Shannon.

After I dropped off Liam, it was up to the cafe to check email on the free Wi-Fi there. Then on the way home, I managed to find the computer store that Julie and I weren’t able to find on Saturday. Fortunately, they didn’t have any good sales on at the moment.

I then headed to Julie and Eddie’s for dinner. I had gotten her computer all set up and it was time for them to get a few lessons. They cooked me a great chicken dinner, and I was there until 1am. Yikes, I had a music lesson in the morning.

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