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PC Shopping & Clean Up

July 1, 2007

corey says…Yesterday I went into Limerick with my friend Julie. She asked me to help her pick out a laptop, so we made a day of it.

We stopped at two computer and electronics stores on the Limerick/Dublin road. Then we went to city centre. The drizzle cleared for us, so we had a nice time walking around…learning that all the computer stores moved to the outskirts. We had a nice lunch at O’Connors, and then went to hunt for one other store.

Our attempts to find the store became a bit of a comedy. We zigzagged an entire area called Castletroy only to end up at the same computer store we started at. That was all the sign we needed, so we went inside on a mission.

This time in the store we talked to a Lithuanian sales associate who did a great job helping us make our decision. I was very glad we had him, as the person we talked to before wasn’t as good at explaining the options.

In the end Julie walked out with a computer, software, printer, cables and a big dent in her credit limit.

When I got home, Liam and I headed to his cousin Mary’s for tea. As usual, that was a great visit. Her son Tim had a funeral to go to, so he wasn’t able to visit the entire time.

Liam’s guests arrive tomorrow, so today was cleanup day. We cleaned and Liam went and picked up groceries. When my chores were done, I went for a run and then we stopped at Liam’s cousin’s for tea.

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