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Furniture Hunt

June 23, 2007

corey says…We started the day by joining several friends for breakfast at The Pantry in Nenagh. A few years ago, breakfast out would have been unheard off…now there are several restaurants and cafes serving.

We ran some errands around town and then headed to Dundrum to pick a desk for my new pseudo office. It’s actually just a sofa table that will serve as a narrow desk.

Visiting Liza
On the way we stopped at our American friend, Liza’s to check in on her (she’s also here for the summer). Her aunt arrived from the US a day earlier and had quite a welcome. After arriving late and having to wait for her luggage, Liza finally got her home. She napped for a few hours and then Liza took her to a session…until 4am! I certainly couldn’t pull that off after traveling, but her aunt seemed to love the activity.

Liza mentioned that they were planning to go to Farney Castle…where the famous Irish knitter from the 60s & 70s Cyril Cullen sells his knitware and china figurines and his daughters CDs (the Cullen Harpists). Ironically, Liam’s cousin Bridget had just given us a book about Mr. Cullen.

Well, since Liza’s aunt hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, we all agreed to grab a bite to eat in nearby Thurles. Had a great carvery dinner at Hayes’ Hotel…the hotel where the Gaelic Athletic Association was founded.

Stopping in Thurles
While in Thurles we visited a few furniture stores…I really must get away from these people who have cottages to furnish; we spend all our time hunting for chairs and rugs.

Then Liza mentioned another furniture place in a tiny town called Templetouhey. Fortunately, one of Liza’s teenage neighbors, Aine (Aw-nee) came with us and knew the way. This furniture store was interesting. From the outside it looked like a closed down garage. When we entered, there were two unorganized rooms, one of all kinds of furniture and the other of dished and books and odd bits.

The furniture was decent and the prices were quite reasonable. Then we discovered another room, then another, then another and then we found the upstairs. Of course the further from the front we went, the more piled up things became. By the time we reached the upstairs, we were climbing from couch to couch to get a better look.

While I was there, I had to use the toilet. For some reason, it didn’t bother me that room hadn’t been ever been cleaned. It was almost as if the layer of grime formed a protective layer, as it had gone beyond unsanitary to more like relieving oneself outdoors…spiders and vermin and all.

Liam found a chair and an over mantel that were perfect for his place, and he talked them into a better price for the two pieces. He paid for his purchase, but would have to return tomorrow to pick them up.

We stopped for a 99 (ice cream cone) at a local shop, and Liam and I realized we had to get back into Nenagh to pick up our laundry before the shop closed.

We left the ladies at Liza’s and headed into town. When we got home we went for a run through the forestry and then stopped by Liam’s cousins for a visit.

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