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Dinner Out

June 22, 2007

liam says…Big evening tonight. A bunch of us got together at the Peppermill in Nenagh. The Peppermill just moved to its new digs, and the place is quite swanky…and I think the food got even better as well…and the food was always very good.

The evening was organized by Theresa and Kathleen who came to visit us during Milwaukee Irish Fest last August. They were joined by Eddie (who stopped by last Wednesday “Be Our Guest”), Sheelagh and Rory (who were at the “Session at Larkins”) and Tony.

This was a FUN group. After a great meal and sharing desserts. We headed over to a very old fashioned pub called Una Powells. The ladies of the group drove, the guys walked…joking that after our meal at the Peppermill, maybe we should pick up some chips (French Fries) for the ladies.

Una Powell lived in the house attached to the bar her entire life and recently had to move into assisted living. She sold the pub, but visits almost daily, and I’m sure she is thrilled that the new owners haven’t changed a thing. The same crooked shelves, the same divider that split the shop from the bar, the same lounge of to the side that served as her sitting room when the bar wasn’t busy.

Now, the new owner even opens up Una’s former kitchen to handle the overflow on the busier nights. We squeezed our way back there and had a seat next to the stove and refrigerator. Everyone admired the very old Sacred Heart Picture on the wall and the remnants of Una that were scattered throughout…the kitchen table with an oil cloth, the teapot with a rooster tea cozy on the old oil cooker, the washing machine with a load of laundry in it.

It was really like being in an old-time Irish kitchen. You’d swear Una would walk in at any minute and serve you a drink.

We laughed and started singing a few songs. Since most of us were there for our first time, the owner bought us a round (it always taste better when it’s free doesn’t it).

It was a night of great craic!

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  1. Frances Flannery permalink
    February 28, 2009 11:50 PM

    HI, Glad you had a fun trip to Nenagh, I grew up there, but now living in the US. Una Powell is my aunt, she would be tickled to read “had to move into assisted living”- she is living, as she has for many years – unassisted.

    • Jan Fortado permalink
      December 19, 2011 1:36 PM

      I am working on family history and am interested in a Catherine Spillane who married Thomas Powell about 1897. According to the 1901 Cenus, he was a publican so I am wondering if there was any connection between Una and Thomas. Would you know of anyone who would know if this is the same family? Jan

  2. February 28, 2009 11:58 PM

    Thanks for the fact check on Una…apparently, some folks in Nenagh don’t realize she’s still as spry as ever. I’m happy the new owners haven’t made big changes to the place.

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