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June 20, 2007

corey says…More and more rain today. Which made it a perfect day for company. Our friends Eddie and Julie stopped by “for five minutes.” Well, we were having such a good time that soon turned to a cup of coffee, then lunch, then tea, then a whiskey. Six hours later, our guests left…and only because Julie had to drive back to Galway tonight.

Still pouring down rain. They were out the door about ten minutes when there was another knock at the door. Liam’s cousin stopped in to drop off some mail. He was only there for an hour.

I had just enough time to cook up Mary Ryan’s Apple Custard Pie, before Tony was at the door. I only one egg to make the pie, so I had to skimp, but all three of us were quite pleased with how it turned out. Quite a tasty treat.

While Tony was there, one of Liam’s tradesmen showed up to measure for the heating system he’ll be putting in the addition that is going up. That of course, took a while and finally at 10pm the house was empty.

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