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Setting Up Office

June 18, 2007

corey says…I spent most of the day trying to set up a work space in Liam’s upstairs. Of course that is also the storage area for all the things going in to the extension, so there was a lot of rearranging to do.

I made great progress, but afterwards found myself in desperate need of a walk. I invited Liam to discover Slieve Felim, but they are repairing his road today, so getting there would mean a major detour, so we walked the forestry roads to a place called the Hill of Cuneen. It was a very nice walk. Lots of foxglove in bloom and there were some very nice views.

Afterwards we headed to Liam’s cousins to visit a bit and enjoyed some of the fresh strawberries we had brought to them. Delicious. Tony was there, and he had returned to Limerick today to pick up several things for his cottage. Sounds like he got some great stuff…his place is getting homier and homier each time I visit.

The evening was spent getting the e-newsletter sent out.

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