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Off to Work I Go…

June 13, 2007

corey says…Any other week and the weather we’ve been having would be considered very nice, but after the run of great weather we’ve had, things have been quite drab. There’s been no blue in the sky, and there were a few moments when sprinkles of rain appeared.

It was perfect for me, as I have two big design jobs to get done this week. Yes, it’s not all a life of Irish travel for me. I’ve got some freelance gigs I’ve got to stay on top of, so yesterday I headed in to Nenagh and spent some time on the internet downloading everything I’d need. Then I spent the afternoon at Liam’s cottage working.

As I waited for the computer to catch up with me, I made a pineapple tart for Liam’s guests and made sure there was a fire going when they got home. I knew they were going to Dingle today and would be a bit tired and cold when they got home.

Today was more of the same…both weather and work. However, I did find time to go on a hike with Tony. We went on one of the trails near his place and found it traveled around the side of Keeper Hill to Liam’s cousin Mary’s house. It’s a bit of a shortcut to Mary’s.

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