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A Session at Garykennedy

June 13, 2007

corey says…Well, I made my deadlines today. Things went more smoothly than I expected. All my files arrived safely and using the internet shops in Nenagh worked out perfectly. I did use the dial up connection at Liam’s for the smaller parts of the effort, but that was unbearably slow. It’s amazing how much more efficient one can be when they are not waiting for pages to download.

After I returned to Tony’s, we went for a hike. It was through the forestry to the house that Liam’s cousin Mary grew up in. It’s in complete ruin now with no roof and a fallen in wall. It’s amazing that Mary, who is alive and well, lived in that home less than 50 years ago.

It was misting and the grass was very wet, so we came back soaked. Back at the cottage, we hung our shoes and socks by the fire to dry.

Afterwards, Tony and I got a call from our friend Eddie who invited us to join him at Larkins Pub in Garrykennedy. It was Eddie’s birthday, so we didn’t want to miss out.

Our friend Theresa was playing in the session. There was a guitar, banjo, bodhrán, accordion and Theresa switching between the tin whistle, fiddle and accodian.

It was a great session. There were three dancers on break from Riverdance who came in several times. It was quite a good time…I finally got to meet Eddie’s girlfriend Julie and several other people I’ve been hearing about.

It was quite a good time.

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