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Cliffs of Moher

June 8, 2007

corey says…We’ve all been itching to experience the new Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre. It officially opened in February and reports have been good. Tony and I made a special trip out there to check things out. We were both very impressed.

The new platforms are very nice and offer a variety of views. There are still barriers discouraging visitors from climbing to the edge. People are now more inclined to walk beyond the viewing platforms and cross the barriers there to go in for a closer look rather than peeking over the main ridge.

The paths to each of the platforms is a little less strenuous, but the parking lot is a bit further away.

The New Centre
The Visitor Centre itself is marvelous. It’s built into the hillside and plays well with the landscape. The inside is inspired by the caves in the area with poured concrete walls mimicking the texture of Liscannor stone.

The Atlantic Edge exhibit was well worth a visit (€6). The displays were concise and interesting. The Edge was a favorite; we entered a room, approached a railing and were enveloped by projection screens…even on the floor. Then we were taken on a birdseye tour of the Cliffs where various wildlife and geological features greeted us. It was enough fun for me to go through it more than once.

Fortunately, they also had some chairs in the room for those who got a little motion sick during the virtual tour…it can be a bit dizzying. The plaques on the wall around room housing The Edge were perfectly written. Each plaque featured an animal that call the Cliffs home, and the briefly written paragraphs were filled with interesting tidbits.

We had a moment to talk to Katherine Webster, the director of the centre. It was great to see her again, and she gave us a few extra tidbits about the facility. It’s one of the greenest buildings in Europe, on their busiest days 7,000 people will visit the Cliffs, the shops located outside the centre are filled with artisans who used to set up kiosks at the Cliffs (the same is true of the musicians and buskers).

Some tips for those visiting the Cliffs:
Pay your facility fee (parking) (€8) at the Information Desk before you leave…it will save you from waiting in line in the parking lot.

Arrive before noon or after 6pm to avoid the crowds.
Wednesdays and Fridays get more tour buses than other days.

Cheese, crackers, smoked fish, sandwiches and beverages are available in the cafe and gift shop for those looking for a picnic lunch.

The Atlantic Edge exhibit is worth a visit any time of year…however, it is most valuable on days when visibility is low.

Check the placards outside centre for information on bird watching and high/low tide.

Ranger-led tours are available in low season (winter) and often when the centre opens at 8:30a.

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