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Hike & Errands

June 6, 2007

corey says…The first thing I did this morning was go for a run/walk. Tony’s cottage is in a valley in the Silvermines Mountains, so I ran most of the way up the mountain and then down the other side a ways to the Step Viewing Area. It was a crisp morning that required long sleeves, but the sky was amazingly clear., In the valley on the other side of the mountain, the clouds over Silvermines village and Nenagh town hung low…I was high enough up to look over them to the blue skies above.

I can get mobile phone reception on that side of the mountain, so I checked my messages. No one has my mobile number, so I’m not sure what I was expecting.

I came back to the cottage and did some research and made my to-do list. Then it was off to Nenagh to run some errands. First up was laundry. I dropped it off, but only had it washed…it costs about €6 to wash a load and about another €6 to dry, so I just had it washed. I don’t think there is a do-it-yourself laundromat in Nenagh.

Then I tooled around town picking up groceries and checking email. Nenagh is a very walkable village, so it was nice zip from one place to the next.

Surprisingly, I had to buy SUNGLASSES today. Who would have thought that there would be this much sun in Ireland!

When I returned, Tony was back from a day of finding cottage treasures. He found all kinds of things that made the place feel more homey…and there were more arriving later that evening. Well, he was quite pleased when the delivery of some furniture arrived right about the time it was expected (sometimes those types of things don’t happen as expected in Ireland.

In the evening, I checked in on Liam and his guests. One of them had to delay her flight 24 hours because her passport wasn’t ready. She and I compared notes on the Chicago Passport Agency. We both had to go to the office to get our passports. Neither of us had a terrible experience…just a lot of lines and a lot of waiting. She was there until after 7pm…I had been lucky, I got out by 3pm.

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