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Moving & Visiting

June 5, 2007

corey says…Time for a change of pace. I dropped Liam off at Shannon to pick up his guests and headed out on my own. I realized it was my first time driving alone in Ireland. That was an odd thought.

Anyway, I made my way to the Celtic Plantarum in Dundrum to pick up a few plants. Along the way, I bought everything I needed to make sandwiches and enjoyed a turkey sandwich as I walked the plantarum. It’s a homespun operation, but the gardens are very nice.

After packing the car with plants, I stopped at a petrol station for a 99 (ice cream). I chose a parking spot right on the road to make it easy to get out…of course my plan was foiled when a new Range Rover pulled up a parked me in. He was one the road! It didn’t seem to matter that I was in the car at the time either. Since I was enjoying my 99, I didn’t mind waiting.

As luck would have it, moments before the Range Rover pulled out, a frozen food truck pulled up right behind him. The Range Rover pulled away and the truck took his spot. I was stuck! Fortunately, about five minutes later, the car behind me pulled out and I managed to back my way out. Parking can be quite a free for all in Ireland.

I dropped off the plants Liam asked me to get and then headed to my new home…Tony’s cottage. Tony and I chatted a bit before our scheduled visit with Liam’s cousin Mary K and her adult son Tim.

Mary is proud to say, “Why, I knew Corey before he was even a man.”

We had a great visit with Mary and Tim. Some time I’ll have to share what a visit with the two of them entails, but right now, I’m a bit tired and will have to sign off.

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