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Dunbrody & Lismore

June 3, 2007

corey says…John at Greenpark B&B served us fantastic smoked salmon this morning…it was nice to get a break from the full Irish breakfast. After John explained to us why he refuses to accept bookings for wedding parties at his B&B (another rule, but trust me, it’s a benefit to all his guests), we bid farewell.

Dunbrody Famine Ship
It was time for us to board the Dunbrody Famine Ship. Having connections to Milwaukee’s 3-masted schooner, the SV Denis Sullivan, I couldn’t resist visiting another tall ship.

The Dunbrody doesn’t disappoint. We heard the tales of two passengers and snooped around the entire ship. There was an odd fellow from Canada on our tour…he was quite ready to argue that the Famine never happened. I’m not sure how he drew that conclusion, but his argument started with “I work with an Irish fellow who says…” Didn’t sound too based on fact if you ask me.

Tramore & the Coppercoast Geopark
We headed to Waterford and then took the coast from Tramore to Dungarvin. The weather was overcast and rainy, but we were still able to appreciate the coastline. Just outside of Annestown we walked on the shore. There were a few caves to explore, and Liam found a piece of broken china…Mulberry transferware that he will turn in to a piece of shard jewelry.

Of course the rain came down the hardest when we were out on the rocks. Our waterproof windbreakers did their job, but alas, our pants were soaked.

When we got back on the road, we saw a sign announcing tea and bakery. We pulled up and discovered the Coppercoast Geopark. This is one of only two Geoparks in Ireland and they happened to have a trade fair going on. Various vendors had stalls set up to sell baskets, organic honey, wind turbines…

Tony found a turf basket for himself. Liam talked to the turbine guy for a while. I talked to the director of the centre for a bit. In addition to providing general tourist office information, the park is home to geologist who takes people out on hikes along the Coppercoast and has put together some short self-guided walking tours for visitors. It was a great stop and their scones were perfect!

Lismore & Ballysaggetsmore Towers
After a stop at Dromana Gate in Cappoquin, we visited Lismore for dinner and a walk around the town. It had been two years since my last visit there and it still maintains its Tidy Town standards. We headed outside of town to walk the paths around Ballysaggetsmore Towers. I just love that hike…it’s simple and the gate towers (built to show off how extravagant the house beyond would be…the owner went broke and never got to finish the house) are a great walk.

Even better yet, there were signs of blue sky. Could the weather be clearing up in time for our visit to The Vee?

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