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King Johns Castle

May 30, 2007

corey says…Today it was off to Limerick to find the computer accessory needed to get dialup access. We started at the big PC store. There, as with three stores in Nenagh, they pointed me to the “Apple store in Limerick across from the Garda station.

I walked in the little storefront, told the man what I needed and had my little USB modem in minutes. It was all quite simple once I found the right person to ask.

King Johns Castle
It rained quite heavily all day, but we decided to keep the car where it was parked and walked to King Johns Castle. I’ve been going to Limerick for years and never managed to stop there. Liam and I both enjoyed it. The exhibits are well done and they have a few multimedia experiences along the way. Most of it was done in the early 90s, so it didn’t have all the touch computer screens that are taking over such places.

King Johns Castle scored high on the snoop around factor. They had plenty of stairs to climb, hallways to scout and walls to look over. I’m not sure everyone would enjoy the archaeology portion as much as I did, but I thought they did a great job of explaining what I was looking at…there really was more than a pile of rocks sitting there.

My one complaint, which I have at so many Irish tourist spots, I wish they’d tip up their exhibits from time to time (aka tidy up). A layer of dust, tattered fabric and empty beer cans on the window sills don’t leave a good impression.

Limerick Museum
Just outside the castle is the Limerick Museum. It’s worth a stop for those with an affinity for history or antiques. My favorite items included a display of Limerick Lace patterns and a series of old postcards and etchings of local sites…it’s always fun recognizing places. The museum is compact and free.

We had plans to stop in at the Hunt Museum, but it was almost closing time and we wanted to get home to catch a nap before the evening’s trad session.

Drive-Thru Television Set
On the way home we drove through Killoscully and they were filming the new season of Killinaskully (an Irish sitcom). There was an entire film crew on the side of the road and the nearby carpark was filled with trailers. Word has it that the thrill of being a TV set has worn off in Killoscully, and the days of joyfully waiting as the cameras blocked traffic in town have passed.

Rumor has it that there was a funeral in town one day. That usually means a pilgrimage the local pub after the wake. Well, the pub was rented out for filming, so like a scene right out of the television show itself, the wake was held in the carpark. And like any proper Irish wake, the living celebrated the dead.

In the end, Pat Short, the star and director (you may also recognize him from his character on Father Ted), had to come out and ask everyone to quiet down.

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