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22 Packing Tips for Ireland

May 26, 2007

Episode Guide – Podcast #22 Packing Tips for Ireland

On the eve of his departure to Ireland, Corey shares some of the items he typically packs for touring around Ireland. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to listen.

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Show Notes

Printable Packing List (PDF)

Carryon Essentials

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Tickets or Printed Confirmation
  • Accommodation & Car Rental Details/Confirmations
  • Medications (original packaging recommended)
  • Glasses or Contact Lenses
  • Money (credit card, ATM card, travelers checks, dollars, euros or pounds)
  • Any item that would be difficult to replace

Gear (Optional)

  • Camera
  • Extra Memory or Film
  • Batteries or Battery Charger (charger will require an adaptor or currency converter)
  • Travel Umbrella
  • Earplugs
  • Washcloth (not all accommodations provide them in Ireland – towels are provided)
  • Moist Towelettes
  • Mini Binoculars
  • Mini Flashlight
  • Ziploc Bags to organize and protect items
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Travel Journal & Pen
  • Bag for dirty laundry
  • Toiletries (most products are available in Ireland, but they might not have your favorite brand)
    • toothbrush
    • toothpaste
    • floss
    • deodorant
    • hair products
    • soap
    • shampoo
    • shaving products
    • contact solution/eyeglass cleaner
    • toiletry caddy or bag (especially handy if you will be sharing a bathroom)


  • Two Pairs of Comfortable Walking Shoes (consider waterproofed hiking shoes)
  • Waterproof Hooded Windbreaker (may be more effective than an umbrella on windy days)
  • Heavy Long Sleeved Shirt (for layering)
  • Sweater or Sweatshirt (for layering)
  • Light or Medium Jacket depending on season
  • A Mix of Long Sleeved and Short Sleeved Shirts (heavier versions might be preferred in winter)
  • Pants
  • Shorts (a summer option)
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas


  • Copies of your passport, tickets, accommodation confirmations, credit cards (especially the numbers to call if your card is lost or stolen) – these items should be kept separate from the originals.


  • Try to leave excess gadgets and electronic devices at home… maybe there’s a blow-dryer and curling iron-free hairstyle out there for you
  • Limit the amount of jewelry and accessories you bring
    Pack clothes that are “interchangeable” so you easily mix and match and save room on accessories
  • Check with your airline for luggage restrictions
  • Check requirements regarding liquids in your carryon luggage (currently, liquids cannot be in containers larger than 3 ounces and all liquids must fit in a one-quart clear Ziploc bag.

Don’t Bother Bringing…

  • Laptop Computers – there are plenty of inexpensive, convenient internet cafes throughout Ireland to keep you connected
  • Galoshes, Wellingtons or other waterproof boots – most visitors don’t find themselves trouncing through a bog on their first trip… and those that do can always swap out with their second pair of shoes
  • Fancy Clothes – unless you have 5-star accommodations planned, casual attire is standard in Ireland
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