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St Paddy’s Day Flashback

April 6, 2007

We’ve got a little treat for you. Last month Liam and Corey popped over to the Fox6 Wake Up News in Milwaukee to get ready for Saint Patrick’s Day. During that segment the “Milwaukee lads” chatted with Mark Concannon about the Irish Fireside and Irish travel.

We have to say, the visit was a lot of fun, and the folks at Fox6 were very friendly.

Oh, and for those who are still wondering…Liam’s cottage is in a place called Knockahopple…it means Hill of the Horse.

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 7, 2007 9:36 AM

    Hey Guys!

    Just finished watching the video. Well Done! You looked like you do that all the time.

    Can a video podcast be far behind? (I don’t have a iPod video but that would probably push me towards one!)

    Anyway, great job, I really enjoyed seeing you and putting the faces to the voices. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you share with us!


  2. April 7, 2007 10:21 AM

    Chris, thanks for the kind words. It really was our first TV appearance, so there was no telling how we’d behave. The people at Fox6 were very friendly and made it quite easy for us.

    I think there might be a few video podcasts in the future. The only problem is getting our hands on a video camera without breaking the bank. Looks like we might be giving you an excuse to get that iPod video.

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